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The removal of old septic systems, access and connection to city or county sewer systems. Water and sewer services done right.

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Replacing the old with the new.

As time goes by and county utility services expand to further outlying areas, it may be desirable to move off of an old septic system and onto a newer, county-supplied sewer system. That type of project is a great fit for us.

DTE specializes in converting existing homes with older septic systems to a newer sanitary sewer service. We are registered installers with the City of Vancouver and Clark Regional Wastewater District. That means we’re a great resource that can streamline your project and get things done the way they should be.

We also specialize in new construction Utility hookups. When you need facilities on site for your new building project, we can get them up and running in conjunction with your project’s timeline.

Over the years, we have done many projects, some very difficult and interesting jobs that have required a lot of thought. They have treated me with the utmost respect and all work has been perfect every time.

Bradley S. Thomas

Vice President, Universal Construction Inc.

The Right Services for the Right Project


Septic System Removal

Once you move on to a county sewer system, there is really no need to keep the old septic system in place. 

Our team has experience in the removal of old septic systems. Reclaim those previously used areas by removing the large septic system containers and leech lines leaving your ground intact and obstacle-free. 

Septic System Access

Over time it is not surprising to realize that you might have lost track of your septic system access points.

Perhaps you’ve purchased an existing home, or you haven’t had a need to access the system in many years. We can help you track down the location of the septic system so that access is available when needed for cleaning or maintenance.


City Sewer Connection

Ready to get off an old septic system? This is a perfect opportunity for us to come in and move access from the old septic system to a new county or city sewer line.

We are registered installers with the City of Vancouver and Clark Regional Wastewater District, which makes us a the knowledgeable experts in project work where sewer system connections need to be changed up.



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