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A focus on sub-division development, underground utilities, and total site work packages for commercial and industrial projects.

Sub-Division Development

Underground Utilities

Site Work for Commercial/Industrial Projects

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we’re experts in commercial
and industrial excavation Projects.

DTE was started in 1975. Over the course of three decades, we have built a reputation of trust and are considered a go-to resource for excavation in Southwest Washington—a fact we’re very proud of. 

Customer Service is our Focus

We realize that it is essential for projects to come in on time and on budget. We take this seriously. Our focus is on high-quality excavation work and customer satisfaction on every project we take on.

Experience Leads the Way

We have years of experience in sub-division development, underground utilities, and the total site work packages for motel, mini-storage’s, or any commercial/industrial project. We know the pitfalls that commercial and industrial projects can encounter during early excavation. That knowledge and experience is critical for taking your commercial site from a dirt-stage to a move-in stage.


Over the years, we have done many projects, some very difficult and interesting jobs that have required a lot of thought. They have treated me with the utmost respect and all work has been perfect every time.

Bradley S. Thomas

Vice President, Universal Construction Inc.

The Right Services for the Right Project


Sub-Division Development

With the amount of residential building in Southwest Washington, you need an excavation partner who can get on your land and get your project moving.

Over the years we’ve worked with a variety of builders helping them prepare land for the building homes.

Underground Utilities

Sewer, electric, and cable. All the amenities of the modern home require complex planning and digging to make sure underground utilities are where they need to be. 

 We provide the expertise ensuring those utilities go where they need to without hassle or delay.


Excavation Sitework Packages

Have a motel, mini-storage, or other commercial / industrial project coming up? These are the types of project we live for.

Complete sitework packages mean we get in early and excavate the ground right, leaving your contractors and builders with usable space.


Your Commercial and Industrial Excavation Projects Done Right.

We excel at helping contractors and builders get their projects started on the right foot. Armed with years of experience we know the pitfalls and how to navigate them to bring your project in on time and on budget.

Ready to Get to Work? We Are.

Yeah, we’ve got experience

DTE has worked with many contractors across a variety of projects large and small over the past five decades.

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