Conveyor and dump truck aggregate delivery

From conveyors to dump trucks, Tapani Excavating has the essential resources needed for your
excavation project.

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The Tools to Move the Earth

Whether its a job site or homeowner project, we have the truck to deliver the aggregate to fit your needs.

The Equipment You Need: Excavation Conveyors and Dump Trucks

To ensure the project runs smoothly and efficiently, it is important to have the right heavy equipment on site: dump trucks, excavators, and conveyors. These are essential equipment for excavating and moving earth in a timely and cost-effective manner.

With the right equipment, excavation can be done quickly and safely, allowing the project to move forward without any delays — keeping your team productive and your project on budget.


Excavation conveyor dump truck front and side view

Heavy Equipment for Heavy Projects

The Benefits of Using a Conveyor Truck

Powerful Earth Mover

A conveyor is a powerful piece of heavy machinery designed to move large amounts of soil, rock, sand, and gravel/stone up to 4″ inches in size. It features a truck with a conveyor belt that can sling rock up to 75 ft away.

High Capacity Machinery

The capacity of our conveyor is approximately 18 yds of dry topsoil, sand, and gravel/stone.

Automated Manpower

The automated nature of the conveyor means less manpower is required to collect and disperse large amounts of material on the job site.

Soil, Sand, and Gravel Placement

Our conveyor is versatile and can be used to lay decorative rock along a driveway, spray rock or sand into an open crawl hole, foundation drains, patios, pool backfill, and inside concrete forms, and even spray dry topsoil into flower beds or planters.

Experience Where It Counts

Our experienced solo and transfer dump truck drivers have the capability to spread rock and material across most areas — from driveways to your job site.

Versatile Application

Spray rock or sand into an open crawl hole, foundation drains, patio, pool backfill, inside concrete forms, or even flower beds or planters. Our excavation conveyor can get into the spots where it’s needed most.


The Conveyor in Action


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