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Driveway repair, drainage issues, waterline leaks, seasonal services, and specialty excavating. Homeowner projects focus on your house’s needs.

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Excavation projects start at home

Sometimes the most pressing problems are the ones that happen right in our own yards. Excavation needs for homeowners is a growing area of practice. As elements of our property mature, or expansion into other areas of property become important, there can be a need to have a reliable excavation resource to help clear areas or repair areas in order to move in line with your plans.

DTE offers an array of excavation services for homeowners. From driveway repair to drainage issues to specialty excavating projects, we have over three decades of experience in helping homeowners take care of the projects that make a house a home.

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Driveway Repair

Driveways look great for the first several years you own your home. Inevitably, though, you will get cracks in the surface as the concrete gets older or from tree roots growing beneath the surface of a driveway.

Our team is highly experienced at removing the old driveway and grading the land in preparation for a new concrete slab to be laid.

Drainage Issues

Excess water pooling in areas that it should not is an issue. Standing water can cause damage to a foundation or the siding of a house. It also attracts unwelcome visitors like mosquitoes and other bugs.

When water gathers where it should not, that is a perfect time to call in our team of excavators to help re-route that water away from structures or other pooling prone areas so it won’t gather and do damage.


Waterline Leaks

That bubbling water in your front yard means a water line is broken. Freezing winter weather or accidental dislocation of irrigation systems are generally the source of waterline leaks. The real trouble, though, is locating where it is coming from.

The DTE team has years of experience tracking down waterline leaks for repair. Water can be a destructive force when left unchecked. We help keep it in its place.


Seasonal Services

The process of winterizing your home so water will not gather or other drainage issues from the heavy rains don’t arise can be important each year to keep your home damage free.

Yearly checks for fire breaks and the removal of brush and natural obstacles that might pose a danger during the hot summer is a great way to actively protect your home.

Horse Arenas

There are a lot of factors to consider when preparing a place for riding, exercising, and maintaining horses. From assessing spaces for proper drainage to considering the nature of the topsoil horse and rider will be moving on, a properly planned and executed horse arena or riding arena provides a stress-free environment to manage your equestrian needs.

Specialty Excavating

As homeowners there seems to be no end to the projects that need to be done. Many times, though, the land prep requirements are just too much to do by hand.

That is a perfect opportunity to have our team of excavators come in and prepare the land for that garden, pool, or other large projects that needs to be manhandled, tractor style.

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