Demolition and Land Clearing

The preparation and clearing of land, grading, and the removal of natural obstacles standing in the way of your dream property or building projects.

Land Preparation and Clearing

Land Grading

Natural Obstacle Removal

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Land Clearing and Demolition—Making Problems Go Away

Land clearing and demolition is about removing natural obstacles that inhibit progress on developing your land. Sure, those trees, boulders and brush have looked great for 35 million years, but now it’s time to do something different.

Removing Unneeded Obstacles

DTE is well equipped to handle all of your disposal needs. If you have a building or house demolition, excess concrete, asphalt, scrap metal, trees, or brush removal, that’s in our wheelhouse. We can even help you obtain the correct permits for demolition, given a proper amount of time.

Value with a capital “V”

You can trust us to handle your land clearing and demolition job for the best value. We determine the most cost-effective way for clearing land debris, tub grinding, or in some jurisdictions burning if that is an option.

Over the years, we have done many projects, some very difficult and interesting jobs that have required a lot of thought. They have treated me with the utmost respect and all work has been perfect every time.

Bradley S. Thomas

Vice President, Universal Construction Inc.

services designed to unclutter your land

Land Clearing Services

Whether you’re getting ready to build a home or you need to clear the land of potential fire hazards, a clear patch of land is usable land.

DTE can remove natural obstacles from your land leaving it in a park-like state with a fine ground mulch cover, ready for your next steps.

Obstacle Demolition

When you need to get something removed and it just isn’t going anywhere, it’s time for a little extra incentive. In those situations, we like to apply a little elbow grease in the form of high explosives.

We have a team of professionals who understand how to safely use explosive measures to remove unwanted land obstacles.


Debris Grinding and Disposal

Sometimes it doesn’t need to be cut down, rolled away, blown up, or dug up. Sometimes it just needs to be ground into a fine substance and disposed of.

We have the right tools that will ensure the complete removal of unwanted land debris regardless of its size or shape.


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DTE has worked for many contractors over the years, providing excavating services for a range of projects large and small.

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