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March 12, 2009
I started working with Dan Tapani Excavating in 1980. From that point forward they have done all our excavation. Over the years, we have done many projects, some very difficult and interesting jobs that have required a lot of thought. They have treated me with the utmost respect and all work has been perfect every time. They have become not only a huge part of my construction team, but they are good trustable friends. I would recommend their service to anyone, they are very capable.

Bradley S. Thomas, Vice-President
Universal Construction, Inc.
Vancouver, WA

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I had serious drainage problems behind my house in East Clark County. Uncontrolled runoff water was the key problem. In heavy rains, after the soil was fully soaked, the flow of surface water easily overwhelmed the small curtain drain system in our backyard. Every year the problem grew worse. There were frogs croaking in my crawl space. I knew mold and worse would soon follow. "Take care of the French Drain and it will take care of you" were the last words of the previous owner to me. But that French Drain was already done for.

The goal was to repair and control serious drainage problems in the owners backyard. This is a before shot.BEFORE

I began to ask friends, remodelers and builders about my problem. I knew nothing about land or drainage. It took three years just to figure out who to talk to, what to do. I began to realize this might be a really costly problem, one that could overwhelm the modest value of our property. A neighbor mentioned Dan Tapani Excavation. I realized an excavator had to be my next step, and I soon realized I had found the partners I needed.

But I was not comfortable making the first call. I didn't want to be told I could afford something I clearly needed. A big company will want to be well paid, I thought, whether I get my problem solved or not. But I was reassured by the little I knew about Dan Tapani Excavation - a long established family business, based in Battle Ground, Washington. I finally made the call, and an appointment. The response was quick & helpful.

Michael Tapani is a good listener with a focused mind. After thirty minutes walking my ground with him, describing what had happened and what I had been told, we examined the existing curtain drain together. When he had my information, he asked a few questions and made a few suggestions. He confirmed the bits and pieces of information I'd found out and helped me make an effective plan.

Photo was taken after final grading, completion of French Drain and constructing of retaining wall.AFTER

Months later, for the money I could afford, my slope has been re-graded and re-worked on a plan that meets all my needs, and several I didn't know I had. A new spacious, level lawn surrounds my house. The new retaining walls incorporate a serious two-level drain system that carries water east and west around the house. The crawl space is silent. The ground beneath the house is drying. The house and new yards are now a visual match for the surrounding land. Grounds extend front and back, with space for gardens, walks and outbuildings. My neighbors are impressed.

The work was inevitably a big intrusion on our life. The Tapani's made it as easy as it could have been. One critical issue: we have several small children, and small children do not mix well with earth-moving machines. For weeks, ours wanted to swarm over the machines and the workmen. But Tapani's expert crews, as we came to know, are men of character. We took our own measures to keep the children safe, but with the knowledge that the Tapani crew would also be watching out.

Looking back, for our money, we got what we needed and more. Instead of just fixing a problem, I know Tapani also created increased value that more than offset my costs. Every day my wife and children and I appreciate the increased beauty and usefulness of our home and our whole property.

We remain friends with the people of Dan Tapani Excavation. They more than fulfilled our trust and our hopes.

Doug Alexander, Homeowner
Washougal, WA

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